The Truth Will Set Me Free

Robert Swartwood makes a wild accusation that I didn’t write No Shelter. He says that I’m him. Or that he’s me. Or that … well, what can I say? The cat’s out of the bag! 🙂

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New Interview

I am interviewed at the Man Eating Bookworm by Peter Leonard. It’s good rainy day reading! 🙂

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The Man Eating Bookworm Reviews No Shelter!

“NO SHELTER is part mystery, part thriller suspense, and all kinds kick ass!”

Thanks! 🙂

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“The Best E-Book I’ve Ever Read”

Judd Exley read No Shelter and called it “the best e-book I’ve ever read.” Well, thanks, Judd! I’m blushing 🙂 You can read the rest of his review here, where he even goes so far as to say the following:

There is no way, NO FRIGGIN’ WAY, that this is the author’s first novel, let alone a self-published e-book.  This is clearly a well-established thriller author who has invented a persona and is experimenting with the world of e-publishing.  There’s simply no way that somebody just writes something like this for their first shot out of the ranks.

I’ve outed you “Z. Constance” IF that is your real name, which it clearly is not.  Time to come clean and admit that you’re really James Friggin Patterson.

Come on, seriously.  The jig is up.  You’re busted.

Again, you’re making me blush! But I’m sorry to say I’m not James Friggin Patterson, Judd. I mean, the man doesn’t even write anymore! 😉

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I’ve Been Excerpted!

Robert Swartwood’s new thriller was just released today. The Serial Killer’s Wife is about a woman who has one hundred hours to track down her serial killer husband’s trophies — the fingers he cut off each of his victims — to save her son. It sounds great, but what’s even better is Robert was kind enough to include an excerpt from No Shelter at the end of his e-book. And I plan to recipocate and include an excerpt from The Serial Killer’s Wife at the end of No Shelter. Cross promotion is fun! 🙂

You can check out The Serial Killer’s Wife at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Me At Criminal-E

No Shelter is featured at Criminal-E today, thanks to Allan Guthrie 🙂

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The Indie Spotlight Spotlights No Shelter

No Shelter is featured today over at The Indie Spotlight 🙂

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