The Man Eating Bookworm Reviews No Shelter!

“NO SHELTER is part mystery, part thriller suspense, and all kinds kick ass!”

Thanks! 🙂

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2 Responses to The Man Eating Bookworm Reviews No Shelter!

  1. Constance,

    I bought the book and while I like it, I have to leave just a little too much disbelief at the door. I like kick-ass heroines, and there is no doubt that once women enter the killing professions they can be mighty effective combatants.

    I am a retired cop, tactical firearms unit, diplomatic protection unit and martial arts user.

    Truth is, lack of size is a tremendous disadvantage in a physical fight, you just cannot move up an instant division. Its almost impossible without different techniques and surprise. Physical fights Holly would _rarely_ win with big, fugly criminal geezers. They aren’t as stupid as fiction or movies make ’em out to be. I know this to my own painful memory:)

    I like the idea, and I don’t wish to pour any cold water, but Holly needs a little more credibility and a few fewer deaths in action would help. The carnival of death is like a Bruce Lee movie..

    I’d like to see the series continue, and I offer these thoughts in a spirit of constructive criticism. I’m cheering, I want Holly to win.


    • Hi Brendan! Thank you for such thoughtful insight! I do agree, readers will need to suspend some disbelief when reading NO SHELTER, and you bring up a very good point in regards to size. I’ll definitely take that into consideration with my next book. I’m glad you liked the book for the most part, and thanks again! 🙂

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